Fun in Los Angeles

September 9, 2007

Jeff and I are having a great time relaxing with Jeff’s family in L.A. before my conference next week. Jeff is off playing golf with his Dad so I figured I’d check in and do a bit of blogging πŸ™‚

Last night we went over to my cousin’s house and had a yummy dinner. When Jeff and I were in college we were lucky enough to babysit for these little cuties two summers in a row in the Adirondacks. We called it a job but just had a ball from dawn till dusk.

Being a photographer can be pretty dangerous

Jeff the Pied Piper of Hamlin

Little Flea trying to run over my toes on his bike πŸ™‚

Jeff grabbed this one while I snuggled with Flea

Harry is a lucky pooch – he was dumped on their street as a puppy and they took him in. He’s blind now but does pretty well considering the amount of activity happening around the house at all times!

The best part about the west coast – no mosquitoes!!

A nice moment between Rod and Parker

I love Linda’s expression in this photo and Ethan’s hair after some night swimming

A quiet moment



Thanks for a great dinner – we’ll see you at Christmas!


Looks like you are having fun!

I love the dining alfresco shot!
looks like you’re having tons-o-fun!!

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