Fun with Strider

April 30, 2007

Meet Luke.

Luke is Strider’s mostest companion. Luke is a few months older than Strider and was around to show him the ropes during his first few days at home.
“Wait for me!!”

Oh wait….you want me to go in the water? I think I’ll just wait here.

Now Luke stalks Strider.

Strider’s not so sure this is a good thing

WHEW – he got distracted

Strider is slowly learning to go fetch sticks in the water

But still hasn’t wholeheartedly embraced the whole jumping off the dock thing….that will be a project for this summer 🙂

Tomorrow night we’re headed into Boston for a “band showcase” where four wedding bands play for 25 minutes each – hope we find one we like! Have a good night.


Oh my gosh! He is such a little smush!! I love that “wait for me” pic. You are so talented Amanda…I would love for you to take pictures of Cooper!


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