Fun with the Pooch

July 16, 2007

So I decided to try and document Strider’s leaps into the lake. We still haven’t gotten him to go off the dock (which is a few inches above the surface of the water…we think this confuses him) but he now launches himself wholeheartedly off the rock next to the dock.

A little bit of a false start 🙂

Also this weekend we had a bunch of friends up which was a lot of fun. The weather was just perfect and we had a great time catching up and doing lots of grilling….yum.

On Saturday Jeff and I hosted a raft race at the lake.

Can be any size, any shape or height
Can be manned by any number of crew
Can be made of any material that floats
Absolutely cannot be a boat
Means of propulsion: paddles, oars, boards, kicking
All manner of flags, signs, decorations, costumes, relaxation equipment, etc. are highly encouraged

Here is the group photo after the race. As you can see our theme was pirates. We found some great guns, eyepatches, periscopes, and swords at the dollar store and Kmart. These items were supplemented by things left over from Giles’ pirate themed bachelor party from last summer (like the pineapple on the mast). My headband appropraitely reads “YARRRRRR”

By the time the photo was taken we had taken it off but during the race Strider sported a “Kracken” t-shirt. He didn’t seem to mind wearing it around and it didn’t affect his ability to intimidate our competitors during the race 🙂 We had no idea how to spell Kracken but it is a reference to the ship in the recent Pirates of the Caribbean movies.


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