Garden Snapshots :: Early April

April 17, 2013

Spring is starting to spring around here and it’s so much fun to go out to the garden each day and see what new has popped up overnight. Last week we had a particularly warm day so I couldn’t resist getting all my tools out and doing a bit of tidying up in the garden. I didn’t want to get too overzealous though as winter die back is good cover to keep tender new plants warm. This Friday it’s supposed to be 76!!!

The puppies were very happy to join me outside


We moved into our house in July so it’s especially fun to see what bulbs are planted where – I can’t wait for the trees to really blossom – they will be show stoppers no doubt!


Sage supervises my raking


Replacing the old fence will be quite a spring project but when we checked in at Home Depot last weekend they weren’t stocking pickets yet – hope they do soon so we can get started!!


Tools warming up after a winter in the garage


Want some help Mom?



These photos were taken three days apart – shows how quickly things change!


Last fall my Dad and Annie gave us a number of Globemaster Allium bulbs as a present which we planted randomly around the garden – they are coming up SO quickly and I can’t wait to see them interspersed with everything else in the garden!



Last weekend we were able to purchase cedar raised bed frames for our vegetable gardens so pretty soon we’ll start working on those – everyone I’ve talked to says to wait until late May to plant as there can be late frosts that wipe out plants.

Happy spring!!!

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