Girls Crafting Weekend at the Lake!

January 13, 2010

This past weekend I was up at the lake with the dogs for a girls crafting weekend….no boys allowed (except Strider!). My high school friend Sarah brought her Yellow Lab Nellie who is amazingly only six weeks older than Sage…we couldn’t believe the size difference!

The dogs had a blast and never stopped playing and we all got a ton of projects accomplished of all different kinds – sewing, knitting, cross stitch, etc.!

Sage and Nellie

Nellie keeping an eye on the situation 🙂

You know I can’t resist snuggling sleeping puppies!

We took a break on Saturday for some fresh air…then it was back to crafting!

Sage sleeping wrapped around the breast pump….maybe she is dreaming about her Mom!

All paws!

Nellie is much faster than Sage and loved to chase her and also Strider (who could run away!)

Right before we left we took a group picture in front of our haul for the weekend 🙂

Pretty impressive right?

My projects are the blue quilt top and the smaller activity quilt below it

We need to make this an annual tradition ladies – SO much fun!!



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