Girl’s Weekend/Bachelorette

February 1, 2008

Part of the group last year – this year I’m determined to get a full group shot!

On this rainy, windy, New England winter day I am being whisked away to the lakehouse by my bridesmaids and some other girlfriends for a weekend of relaxing, hanging out, catching up…… and hopefully no male visitors 🙂

Last February we inaugurated girls weekend and had so much fun. Those of you who know me know I like nothing more than putting on my P.J.s and staying at home so when they asked me what I wanted to do for my bachelorette I could imagine nothing better than just hanging out with everyone….no pub crawls for me!

You might also know that I’m just a BIT of a planner but the girls were very strict that I not be involved whatsoever and threatened me with hairy male strippers if I did get involved….needless to say I only know who is coming – not what we are eating, drinking, or doing.

Jeff is holding down the home fort with his two best men, Strider, and Brody (Strider’s black lab friend) so they are having their own boy’s weekend…at least until Sunday night when we’ll come back and watch the Superbowl – GO PATRIOTS!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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