Glory Light Evening in Vermont

September 21, 2010

Earlier this month I headed up to Vermont to have some family time, attend my Brother’s opening, and photograph and engagement shoot among other things!

I pulled into Shelburne around 6:15 in the evening and the light was absolutely spectacular. I said hello to my Mom but couldn’t resist quickly heading back outside to take the dogs for a walk and take some snaps.

The dogs were eager to go outside after a long car ride!

But not without some wrestling first πŸ™‚

The view from my Mom’s window….it was beckoning me outside!

The clouds and light were beautifully dramatic

My happy place πŸ™‚

Glory light pooches πŸ™‚

Does it get any better?

In autumn the sky reflects off the land and takes on an amazing deep blue – spectacular!

It was a bit windy πŸ™‚

Trouble? Me? Never!

A few blooms still remain in the garden but fall is definitely here!

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