Greg & Steph

September 19, 2008

When we were in Sonoma Carla and I met up with her cousin Steph and her boyfriend Greg to do a little photo shoot. I mean really – we were in the Sonoma valley – how could we not take advantage??!! Unfortunately when we were in L.A. my camera (thankfully not my 5d….my point and shoot) either fell out of my bag or was stolen – major bummer. So Carla kindly lent me her Nikon after I couldn’t take watching any more. The light was phenomenal, the setting perfect, and Steph and Greg had such a presence about them – and they had cool clothes πŸ™‚ Needless to say Carla and I were making happy noises galore and just generally couldn’t believe how lucky we were.

When Steph was changing I warmed up with Greg and he hit it out of the park.

Come on. The wind was crazy and blew his tie over his shoulder.

We wanted to shoot Steph & Greg in front of the truck but these bushes were blocking the light. Have no fear – Greg easily took them out πŸ™‚

Rocking the tough look.

The Louise to my Thelma – Ms. Carla Ten Eyck my mostest traveling companion. And yes the truck behind her does say “Not the biggest but the best!”

Carla – thanks for a rocking trip, lots of laughs, and many many California coastline textures. Towanda!


i miss my amanda and all of our travels…especially with Vegas coming up!

This was so much fun!

Wow. Cool. They look straight out of a magazine spread! Wild!

Robin Dini Photography

these are awesome! nothing but the best πŸ™‚

sweeet! these look like they’re straight from a J. Crew or Calvin Klein ad! awesome!

oooooh these are AWESOME!! I especially love that one where the wind blew his tie over his shoulder!!

welcome home!!

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