Gregg & Elizabeth’s DC Engagement Photos

May 16, 2008

During my visit to my Dad’s house I drove down to DC for the afternoon to meet up with Elizabeth & Gregg for their engagement session. They are getting married in November at the Equinox Resort in Manchester, VT but wanted their engagement session to reflect the love of their adopted hometown of DC. We met on the mall and went from there – ending up at the Arlington fire station where Gregg works.

How psyched was I when I found out Gregg was a fireman you ask? Pretty darn excited πŸ™‚

Elizabeth and Gregg – it was so great to meet you and I can’t wait for November!

Easing them into the photo shoot with my long lens – I love their interaction

Of course when I saw the Carousel on the mall I knew we just HAD to ride it. During our engagement shoot we snuck onto the broken closed carousel at the Shelburne Museum and got some great pictures so I couldn’t resist. Of course this time it was moving…fast….and I was balanced against a horse that was moving up and down. I discovered that as long as I kept the camera to my face I didn’t get queasy πŸ™‚

How cute are they??!!

Oh how I love my wall shots πŸ™‚

Gregg is a fireman. These have something to do with measuring and testing fire alarm systems without making water come out. Is that right Gregg?? Not to mention there is a beautiful ring that just happened to be perched there πŸ˜‰

I think Elizabeth & Gregg must have thought I was crazy. I’d see something, make my happy excited noise, and make them go stand somewhere….they were quite cooperative πŸ™‚

I got very excited when I saw this mirror on our way over to the Jefferson Monument.

I spy with my little eye…..

I know technically you aren’t supposed to take photos with things coming out of people’s heads but I still like this one πŸ™‚

The ceiling of the Jefferson Monument is so beautiful

Tippy toes!

I made a BIG happy noise over this one. Here I am channeling my best Mike Romano (who always rocks his reflection shots)

And then it was on to the fire station where the real fun began. Despite a few weird looks from his fellow fireman Gregg was a sport and as you can see even had a little fun πŸ™‚

I was yelling the line from Pretty Woman: “WORK IT WORK IT OWN IT” (Random Amanda fact…..Pretty Woman was the first R rated movie I saw. Of course I didn’t understand half the jokes till years later but I still LOVED Julia Roberts)

I wanted to take a portrait of Gregg in his gear and he kindly obliged πŸ™‚ As you can see Gregg is doing his best to be very serious.

The shot right after the serious is shot is always the best. I’ve decided that trying to be serious can be very funny πŸ™‚

Stay tuned (come November) for white asparagus…….

E. Broderick Photography

Wow, Amanda–beautiful shots. What a great place to do pictures–in the firehouse. That ring shot is the BEST!

Way to go the extra mile for your clients quiet literally.

Robin Dini Photography

love it. the shot in jefferson’s memorial is very creative. great way to capture that ceiling. i spy someone with a good eye!

Love the one of them in the window of the firetruck! A classic to cherish!!! I always get dizzy when I shoot on a merry go round, will have to try that trick next time (if I wish to risk a next time!).

first off – what hot location to shoot in–and sceondly…the fireman’s uniform is just so cool!

LOVIN’ that ring shot! And the reflection shot is the bomb dot com!!!!


Nice job girl! The reflection shot is my fave and I think you tore up the ring shot as well!

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