May 14, 2007

I photographed two beautiful greyhound rescues on Thursday – Scarlett and Freedom. The way they move and act is so different from other breeds they are very interesting to photograph. These ones were especially cuddly – every time I knelt down to get a shot they would come straight over to me for a snuggle. As a result I kept moving and my quads got a workout!

If you look closely at her left ear you can see the tattoo from her days at the track. It is really horrifying how many of these dogs are bred to race and then destroyed when they are no longer needed. It is difficult to find homes for all the animals but one organization that does a great job is the Greyhound Rescue of New England

Can you say prey instinct? These dogs were originally bred as hunting dogs and obviously it is still in them!

The noises I make to get an animal’s (and a kid’s for that matter) attention/funny expression are pretty embarrassing. Scarlett wanted to check out the crazy lady in this one.

Freedom let me in on a little secret near the end of the session – only one ear perks up!

And finally a new one for me – she crawled through my legs so I held the camera behind me and shot away! Scarlett is obviously drawn to red objects 🙂


hahha i love that cavities shot! they are so cute! it must be so fun working with adorable animals like this all the time!


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