Haines Family

November 25, 2008

Last Friday I went over to meet and photograph the Haines family. Since the “kids” are a bit older we did some more formal family photos but also just hung out and did what they love to do. I always ask families what they like to do together since this can be a great way to start out a shoot. They wrote that the family liked to play with their dog, read books, and listen to music. Their son is also an amazing artist so I had some ideas going into it!

This family is so rock solid – it was really neat seeing them interact and just be together. The son is 16 and the daughter is 8 – with such a big age difference I was trying to come up with ways to bridge it. Well in a family filled with love, patience, and encouragement no bridging was needed! They really respect each other and just have fun together. It is so awesome meeting different types of families and finding out what makes them all tick.

We started at the piano – both kids are taking lessons so it was fun to hear what they are learning.

Bea is the youngest member of the family and beloved by all πŸ™‚ She quickly discovered that I had cookies in my pocket and we all enjoyed watching her antics as she tried to convince me to feed her πŸ™‚

I think this is my favorite from the day – he is such an amazing artist and it was awesome watching him work

We went up to C’s room where she had arranged all of her stuffed animals on the bed to show me. I had fun finding out all of their names and getting a tour around her room

Bea didn’t really want to stay on the couch – ‘the lady with the big black thing has treats…..get me outta here!’

We braved a chilly November day to get some shots outside

Then we went inside and C showed me her bracelet making abilities πŸ™‚

They wanted to do a shot of their hands. After one of just the family we decided to get Bea involved πŸ™‚

M’s Mom gave her this rocking chair when Z was born so they wanted to incorporate it into the shoot. I LOVE when families get involved with ideas for photos, specific items they want to include, or when they tell me the meaning of things we are photographing….it helps me know what to focus on and brings it all together.

Thank you so much – it was really great meeting you! I hope to see you again!

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What a special series of images! These are gorgeous and I love how you captured slices of the family’s life. The shot of the son drawing was just awesome. Great pics of them all. The dog shots are adorable, too. (So smart to stuff your pockets!)

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