Happy 1st Birthday Sage!

October 17, 2010

Amazingly a whole year has gone by and our wee little puppy dog Sage turns one today πŸ™‚
This time last year I was at Katie & Brian’s wedding when I received the email that the litter had been born….I was psyched πŸ™‚
Driving back to Connecticut after Thanksgiving we went to meet the puppies and choose which one we’d be taking home πŸ™‚
Sage was the only yellow girl so it was an easy choice (once we decided we wanted to stick with mellow yellows) – she was such a shrimp!
First family photo with our newest member πŸ™‚
She’s pretty πŸ™‚
This was from the day we picked her up December 12th
All she wanted to do was climb around and explore….until she fell asleep in my lap and slept the rest of the way πŸ™‚
That face!
Strider wasn’t too sure what this was all supposed to mean….especially when she got lunch and he didn’t!!
Strider thinks she wants to play – no thank you!
Still one of my favorites πŸ™‚
Our Christmas card photo from last year πŸ™‚

We’re in NYC today after Hannah & John’s awesome wedding yesterday so hopefully we can find a doggie bakery and buy Sage a big treat πŸ™‚

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