Hartford Area Dog Adoption Event

August 20, 2009

Right this very second at Camp Bow Wow (1145 John Fitch Boulevard, South Windsor, CT) in South Windsor there are rescued puppies and dogs waiting for forever homes. 97 came up yesterday from Tennessee and thankfully many have already been adopted. Take a look at the photos below and please pass it along to as many people as possible.

The effort is being coordinated through New Day Rescue. They will be there from 10-7 both today and tomorrow (and Saturday if all the dogs haven’t found homes).



Oh look at those adorable faces! I hope they all find loving homes this weekend. How wonderful of you to go take pictures of them to spread the word.

Good job Amanda! Was wondering what was going on over there when I drove by twice this morning while out on deliveries.

I want at least half of these. I really, really do! I would have a very hard time choosing. These images are so nice. I wish we were ready for a dog…

oh my goodness, i LOVE all of them, but especially those top two (the left & middle)! if we had a house and not an apartment i'd scoop up a few for our girls to become siblings with…someday! thanks for sharing. we're really looking forward to meeting you next weekend!

These are beautiful and heart breaking at once! I want them all!! So adorable!!
Great work Amanda!!

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