Hermanson Family

October 22, 2008

On Sunday morning I met the Hermanson family at their house for some portraits. Their boys are 3 and 15 months and both are just adorable! We started inside playing with some trains as the morning chill hadn’t quite worn off.

Usually kids are just a bit suspicious of my big black camera – both warmed up quickly though πŸ™‚

Don’t fall off the track!

They played so nicely together and both LOVED their train set

They are both pretty psyched up about Halloween and wanted to show me their costumes….

A wee little kangaroo (complete with a baby in the pouch!)

And a roaring lion!

Candy corn helped along the way. As I said – it IS almost Halloween πŸ™‚

Love this one of them snuggling πŸ™‚

For a three year old this guy can drive! I was most impressed and his younger Brother loved being ferried around and was just delighted….they both felt the need for speed πŸ™‚

He is also learning how to catch and doing pretty well! The reactions of kids when they are learning this skill is priceless!

Thank you so much! I had such a fun time getting to know you all – hope your Halloween party on Saturday is great!

E. Broderick Photography

Ooh–these are wonderful! What a couple of cuties! (And look–someone else as blonde as Finn!) Amanda–you captured so many beautiful moments–I especially love the snuggly picture, too. And how cute are they in their costumes?!

What cuties! I just love the one of them snuggling! The Halloween shots are awesome too!

The second-to-last cracked me up. His “I got the ball” face is hysterical.

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