Hey – I put my new shoes on……

August 4, 2008

Since the wedding Jeff and I have been SERIOUSLY slacking off in the running and exercise department. Of course we still walk Strider daily, but we pretty much haven’t gone running once…pretty pathetic.

Before the wedding my trusty sneakers were a little more crusty than trusty and we were both hoping to get new ones. The sneaker fairy came to us in the form of Jeff’s Dad who needed to buy two pairs quick in order to get a free one (I guess the deal was expiring). So for the first time we ordered shoes sight unseen online…and they fit!

So this morning Strider (and Buzzy!) and I took a little run and they feel great.

Hey….I put my new shoes on, and suddenly everything is right…..

I’m back in the saddle!


Wow, do those glow in the dark? Nice kicks.

oohhh those are SNAZZY!! you are one hip chick Mrs. H! We had an awesome time hanging out last night!! K.T. FOREVER!!!!


E. Broderick Photography

Hee, hee. This made me laugh. Tim and I used to exercise like crazy when we were dating. I often joke (even though I’m not joking) that since the honeymoon it’s been all downhill. We slacked off, ate bad food and gained weight we’re still trying to lose! Good for you getting back on track so soon…

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