Hobie the Puppy

June 11, 2008

On Sunday we went to meet Hobie the puppy – a black lab who is about three months old.

Strider liked to play with him πŸ™‚

The size difference! I remember when Strider was even smaller than Hobie…they grow up too fast!

Enough posing – time to play!

Strider: Hobie – This is how you cool off. Your owners might try to dissuade you but just go with it
Hobie: Like this?
Strider: Just like that – keep looking innocent and they won’t be able to get mad…you can always play the cute card

Hobie can DEFINITELY play the cute card πŸ™‚

Hobie – ok I’m going to get you! Better yet – I’ll get that stick you’re chasing after….

Well – maybe I’ll just wait here until you bring it back.

I’m off again – I’m going to get that stick this time!

See- I told you. I may be small but I’m smart!

Wait! Come back!

Buzzy man was way too sensible for all this tomfoolery πŸ™‚

Thanks for playing Hobie!

Salty Grapes Photography

Oh, that puppy energy. Wow. The one of Hobie just LEAPING (I know, which one?!) where you got him from behind… just AWESOME. You captured him amazingly.

Strider in the mud though… oh my. What a good mommy you are, allowing such debauchery. Hee hee! I love it!!

david & kimi baxter

oh my goodness this HAS to be the cutest post i’ve seen!!! that little puppy is so so cute!!!

Mia 'thousandhound'

What a cutie is Hobie. Love the photos you’ve taken from behind. It’s a position not often captured.

Beyond The Lens Photography

Amanda….that was a hilarious read…LOL funny! How cute is Hobie?????

E. Broderick Photography

Oh, what a cutie! I want a puppy. Great, fun shots. Strider makes a good big brother, huh?

My favorite photo is “I’m off again – I’m going to get that stick this time!” The clouds are so very cool! I love your puppy pictures!

Orchard Cove Photography

Max and Strider should have a play date – Strider would get his tail kicked! (for those of you who don’t know Max is Mike Romano’s ENORMOUS pooch – 230 lbs. worth!

Robert Norman – couldn’t you have waited a week??? I’ll be up there next week! xo

you are the dog whisperer or something- I love your dog shots!

Now, let’s add Max in there for some freaking HILARIOUSNESS please I wanna not only see those shots but see what you and Mike write for your commentary

at 3 months he’s already getting that ‘no so puppy’ lanky look! Hey – i’ll be in your neck of the woods today passing through Shelburne on the way to Burlington πŸ™‚

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