Holcomb Farm Festival

October 18, 2007

Before Mary & Justin’s wedding I spent the morning in Granby photographing the Holcomb Farm Fall Festival. This farm is dedicated to preserving open space, educating people about the environment, promoting sustainability and working the land. The volunteers are so dedicated to the cause and everyone that day was working hard to make sure it was a success.

It’s fall in New England!

It was the perfect event for families – there were so many different activities for a variety of age ranges.

“Graveyard” ghost soccer

Bull wrangling and lassoing (some of the kids wouldn’t give up until they had ripped the bull head from the straw…funny to watch)

A reptile demonstration with frogs, snakes, and a snapping turtle!

Face painting

Interaction with animals


There were some quiet moments….

But mostly everyone was running around exploring, discovering, and hamming it up 🙂

To view and order photos from the event GO HERE


nice stuff, they will love it!!

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