Holiday on the West Coast!

December 21, 2007

Jeff and I flew out to the west coast yesterday thankfully without too much holiday hassle so we’re now enjoying the sunshine and blue skies of sunny California! Jeff played golf this morning with his Father so I stayed behind, did a little work, and eventually became mesmerized by the beautiful hummingbirds outside their kitchen window.

These guys are fast! They weren’t sure what to think of the big black circle through the window but I think they’ll get used to me.

Fly by to check it out

After a few minutes of patiently waiting with camera poised – success!!

According to Wikipedia hummingbirds hover in the air by flapping their wings between 15 and 80 times PER SECOND.

Happy Holidays!



wow the hummingbird shots turned out nice

ow lucky are YOU to be on the west coast enjoying the nice weather! I am coming down with a cold of all things!! In New England! In the WINTER! BOO!!

Happy Holidays sister!!

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