Holy Risotto Yumminess

August 25, 2009

I just couldn’t wait….the Risotto was too yummy and rich and fabulous.

Check out the fabulous Naptime blog and Kelsey’s super yum risotto recipe.

Yum yum yummy in my tum tum tummy!

We had some bacon to use up in the fridge so I also fried that up and tossed it in – otherwise we stuck to the recipe although I would say it took us closer to 30 minutes and it was still a wee bit al dente (we got hungry so stopped stirring!). But seriously what an indulgent comfort food recipe. It’s clearly 75 degrees out but this would be a perfect meal for a snowy night 🙂

Enjoy! Thanks Kelsey!


Thanks for the shout-out. I am thrilled you enjoyed it!!

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