Home from Vermont

February 7, 2008

Strider and I were up in Vermont this week for a wedding dress fitting (mine – not Strider’s) and came home this evening. The dress is really coming along and I took some pictures that will have to remain top secret until July 13th. Last night Vermont got fifteen inches of snow but luckily the roads weren’t too bad.

On our way home we stopped by Strider’s first home – Rosemont Labradors and played with (and photographed) the six week old puppies….SO CUTE. I will post some highlights tomorrow but man yellow lab puppies are to die for.

Strider knows when his bed moves to the door something is up – he lay on it so he wouldn’t get left behind 🙂

The snow coated all the trees making for a very scenic and beautiful drive back (when I wasn’t gripping the wheel passing big trucks and getting my windshield sprayed with snow)

It’s almost the weekend!

Robin Dini Photography

what a nice treat to be able to visit Vermont for a couple of days. i bet it really feels like February up there. Just wait till you get to go pick up your dress and start bringing stuff up for the wedding. That’s gonna be some good ole’ road trips when the weather is nice. Yeah!

I was soooo bummed that I missed you! Can’t wait to see you FOR SURE in March!
I’m glad you made it home safely, it was a wild day in VT!

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