Home Sweet Home!

September 15, 2007

I am back from Los Angeles after traveling all day and it is SO NICE to be home and back with my boys. Going on trips is fun but after a few days away I start to feel the pull of all the comforts of home. For me comforts of home means that I can sit at my desk with all the things I need to do business right at my fingertips and stay caught up on mail, emails, etc. Yes I am a little obsessive about having everything just so 🙂

Usually I sleep well in hotels but for some reason the last few nights I’ve tossed and turned so haven’t gotten very good sleep. In a few minutes I’ll dive into my own comfy cozy bed and hopefully fall soundly asleep!

Took these images somewhere over Cleveland tonight. It’s so beautiful when the clouds are like this – they look like cotton balls or better yet….cotton candy.

And a clarification from yesterday. When I said “I’ve found a dress” what I should have said was that I saw a photo of a dress in one of the presentations that I loved (hint…it’s from a celebrity wedding). Now all I have to do is find a similarly styled dress, try it on, and hopefully love how it looks on me and with the heirloom veil. So I’m not out of the woods yet but after weeks of looking through 700 page bridal magazines and finding nothing it gave me some hope 🙂

Tomorrow I’m leaving bright and early to go shoot Lisa & Rob’s Wedding with Mary & Justin. Lisa has beautiful fiery red hair so I’m psyched to photograph her and Rob with some of the ideas I brought back from Partner Con.

Nighty night!

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