Ice Storm!

December 19, 2008

Sorry again for my absence – this week has been totally nutty trying to get holiday orders out in time for Christmas so the blog has been ignored….poor little blog πŸ™

LAST Thursday night there was a huge ice storm that hit a swath stretching from eastern NYC to north of Boston. So many thousands of people lost power and the damage to trees was just incredible. We were going to go up Friday but the people at the lake said that it was too dangerous – many limbs were still falling due to the weight of the ice so we enjoyed our power filled house and went up Saturday morning.

The house was 34 when we got there and 60 when we left….thank you woodstove πŸ™‚

Every single little branch and leaf was totally covered with ice. But the sun was shining the sky the most beautiful blue.

Driving down the road was tricky as even with clearing that had already taken place there were many trees down, many perched precariously on power lines, and just a ton of debris in the road.

A small attempt at humor!

A few years ago gnomes starting popping up around the lake. Now people contribute gnomes and as they walk they move them around so you never know quite where you see one. This one is ours and sits on top of our woodpile….he looks a little chilly πŸ™‚

I didn’t have my zoom lens so couldn’t take a similar picture detailing the amount of ice frozen onto power lines but this fence in front of the lake gave me a similar opportunity.

Jeff spotted these red berries….what an eye he has πŸ˜‰

Thankfully our house was relatively un-damaged – the electric box was ripped from the house by a falling tree but we had that repaired last Sunday. A tree branch hit the skylight and shattered the outer pane of the double paned glass window so thankfully it is still insulated. Other than that there were just a lot of limbs down that we dragged into the woods.

The garage however got speared! Thankfully we don’t keep anything too important in here!

There is still no power as of this morning – 6-12 inches are due today and 24 inches are due on Sunday. We’ll be headed up this afternoon and tomorrow to light the stove and keep the house warm so the pipes don’t freeze.

Happy snowy day!


Oh my goodness Amanda! That is some serious ICE! I hope you are able to get your repairs taken care of soon.

Love these shots Amanda, some of them have almost a creepy feel with all that ice. Of course I mean that in a good way like creative-creepy and not axe-murderer-creepy πŸ™‚ Have a great (and safe) weekend!

You take beautiful pictures…love the one of the berries…hope you have a safe weekend and no more damage is done to your house…

Robin Dini Photography

these shots are incredible! I had no idea it was that bad. Good luck this weekend be safe.

Oh my gosh. You guys got hit much worse than we did. Hard to believe it’s only December! Hang in there!

E. Broderick Photography

Wasn’t it insane? You got a great shot looking down the road at the damage–I totally wanted to do that at my house but when I was there, things were still actively falling and I was chicken! you are going to have a COZY weekend! =)

Wow – that first shot is unbelievable. Crazy ice storm! Hope you get there safe and have a great weekend.

Good luck this weekend!

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