Interval House’s Breakfast of Champions

November 27, 2010

Last week I had the pleasure of volunteering for Interval House’s 1st annual Breakfast of Champions. I got involved with this tremendous shelter two years ago and have spent time in a few different capacities – volunteering in the children’s program, doing office work, and providing photography services when necessary. This event honored the newly elected Senator Richard Blumenthal who has been a champion of Interval House for many years.

Brad Davis is also a huge supporter of Interval House and brought his show on site to talk about the cause. In the top picture he’s interviewing the director of Interval House Cecile and the President of Rockville Bank. At the bottom Senator Blumenthal.

A few of the VIPs including the owner of the Riverhouse who generously donated the space and food for the event and the co-organizers

Rosemary (the Director of Development) and Senator Blumenthal work closely together

David Rivera of Interval House kicks off the program

Ro Ro Rosemary 🙂 She’s awesome!

At the end of the event Mr. Blumenthal posed with the staff of Interval House 🙂

Congratulations Interval House on such a successful event!

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