It’s a golden….it’s a poodle…’s a GOLDENDOODLE

May 3, 2007

Meet Misty. Misty is an eight week old Goldendoodle

Strider and I enjoyed playing with her tonight and getting some photos….

For the most part Strider was very gentle. They had fun playing together, sharing sticks, wrestling (carefully), and digging in the old sand pit.

Misty likes running after people and nipping at their heels – in other words she is a puppy 🙂

But she also likes to snuggle


At the end of the visit some friends walked by.
Ginger (I LOVE the hair between her toes!)

And Magic – a sage old miniature border collie

Let’s play again soon!


What a cute set of photos. Misty looks like a little stuffed animal! How adorable!
Talk to you soon!

omigosh!! we HAVE to set up a play date soon and misty HAS to come too! what a little presh!


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