Jack & Vivi

June 18, 2009

Last week I went over to Jack & Vivi’s house to hang out with them and their Mom Heather. Jack was a bit shy at first but he eventually warmed up. Vivi was Vivi – fearless and taking charge in a totally charming and lovable way. They are such sweet kids and it was fun seeing them in their element- two beautifully and lovingly decorated rooms.

Mom snuggles help.

When in doubt about what to do…..empty every single toy out of your box πŸ™‚

Ok….maybe I could have some fun with you…..but just for a little while πŸ™‚

After hanging out in Jack’s room for a while we moved into Vivi’s pink paradise – it is so cozy!

Jack was looking for the neighborhood dog Snowy

Vivi wasn’t sure about being in her crib but after I jumped around and made her laugh she decided it wasn’t all bad πŸ™‚

Come on how cute is she??!!

We ended in Jack’s room on his bed. Vivi had skipped her nap but I think Jack was tuckered out at the end of my visit – so much excitement!

I had such a fun time playing – I’ll see you again soon!

Enjoy your slideshow!
E. Broderick Photography

These are way cute. Their bedrooms are gorgeous. I am quite jealous, actually! Love the shots of Jack where he is looking up at you with that sheepish grin and the one of him looking out the window–nice. The shots of Vivi in her crib are great! She's a doll. Awesome session, Amanda.

these rooms are so insanely beautiful! i love these shots!!

nikki nicole photography

so cute my fave is the horizontal one of V in her crib! love the colors too!

Robert J. Trenske

These are so cute, I love the colors!!

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