January Providence Visit

February 25, 2014

Norah and I took our first solo road trip down to Providence in mid January to visit my close friend Sarah and Norah’s bestie Emily who is three months older. It’s so fun to see the girls interact (well – Emily interacting with Norah at this point!) and Sarah and I were hoping to get some crafting done.
Perhaps my favorite picture of Norah so far
This baby doesn’t do much – she can barely hold up her head!

Norah had just gotten her two month shots poor little lamb
Who knows if it was the result of being in a new place or the shots or some other unknown factor but Norah went on total sleep strike.
This worked for about ten minutes….needless to say not much crafting happened
Finally I resorted to this – I was determined to at least get one project finished!!
Much happier the next day after a good night’s sleep
Hanging out with her bestie – can you believe how much Norah has changed in just one month??!!




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