Jeff & Meryl’s Glastonbury Engagement Shoot

July 6, 2009

I met up with Meryl & Jeff near their home in Glastonbury at a beautiful beautiful nature trail….I am definitely going back there! Meryl & Jeff are getting married in a few weeks at the Jonathan Edwards Winery.

The trail follows a stream that really couldn’t be more picturesque. Meryl & Jeff have both practiced yoga for many years and Jeff teaches locally so they wanted to include some partner yoga into the afternoon. We found a rock and I waded into the water and watched amazed as it unfolded.

We continued down the trail stopping whenever the mood struck us 🙂

Love the texture of the rocks with the wide canopy of trees

Getting to this spot took some doing but it was a great perch high above the water

And when I turned around there was a great mossy wall to shoot against

With all the rain we’ve been having the whole trail was GREEN!

I spotted this tree on the way in and we stopped there on the way out!

Meow! Their kitty wasn’t too thrilled by my presence but cooperated for a little while! His name is toshi- short for santosha (contentment) 🙂

Can’t wait to see you again VERY soon!


Robert J. Trenske

Way to rock the woods Amanda, I love these!!

What a beautiful location! Very mythical. Did you capture any fairies?

i know the exact spot! been there for a swim on more than a few summer afternoons.

love the yoga shots and the moss shot Eileen mentioned. what a fun couple. great job!

E. Broderick Photography

These are beautiful!! Love their yoga poses and the location was just perfect. I am lovin' the shot of the mossy foreground in focus and them slightly out of focus in the distance…so pretty.

Robin Dini Photography

these are great! love the positions in the first few. Very cool. You're going to love shooting at the winery. Julia and I shot there on the 27th and it was freakin' amazing!

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