Jen & Dan’s Mystic Rehearsal Dinner

October 7, 2010

To kick off their wedding weekend Jen & Dan hosted friends and family aboard the Sabino Steamship for a cruise. The Sabino is one of the oldest coal fired boats still in operation and it was a perfect fit for this nautical couple πŸ™‚

Welcome aboard!

A few candids as people were getting to know one another

Jen’s sisters

The Mr. & Mrs. to be!

A few details

The weather was just perfect

Dan’s Mom and Dad enjoy the evening πŸ™‚

Two things I spied along the way- Jen shares my love of cosmos so I thought the boat name was very appropriate πŸ™‚

This pooch went by in a flash but I managed to take a quick snap – SO CUTE!

The Mystic Yachting Center where the ceremony and reception were held the next day.

Right as we were coming back into harbor a few toasts were given capped off by Jen’s family singing along to “My favorite things” with words amended of course….it had everyone in stitches!

Apparently there is a tradition in her family to sign into kitchen implements πŸ™‚

I jumped off first to be able to capture this parting shot

Stay tuned for their wedding photos!

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