Karbon Family

June 22, 2008

The other day I stopped by to see the Karbon family and their new arrival Jay. Big brother Henry has grown up so much since I last photographed him, and his new Brother Jay is a spitting image…beautiful full lips and cheeks and lots of hair 🙂

Henry checking out his little brother

Those lips….those eyes!

Jay was pretty sleepy during most of our visit

He was sleepy enough to let us roll him onto his side

Snuggling with Mom after a little top off

While Jay was being fed Henry and I went and played under his favorite tree

LOOK! A tractor!

Beautiful eyelashes

Have a wonderful summer – hope to see you in the fall!


Hi Amanda,
I love these photos. My favorite is the very last one of Henry, it captures a true boy.

Beyond The Lens Photography

These arre so sweet. What cuties!!! Great job Amanda…

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