Keene NY Wedding :: Kate & Sam

September 8, 2018

Settle in and happy weekend this was a SPECIAL wedding for me. When I was a senior at Deerfield I was a proctor in my dorm and wee Kate (and her sidekick Kara who was one of her bridesmaids) were two of my most favorite proctees. They were constantly in my room curled up in my chair asking about boys and friends and other wisdom I had to impart (ha!). They of course also got up to their fair share of (very harmless) shenanigans so I had to keep them in line. I hadn’t seen Kate for almost twenty years so to re-connect and be able to document her wedding day was incredibly special to me….and it was fun to see some other familiar Deerfield faces to boot! They got married at Sam’s parent’s house in Keene and it was just such a special and personal day from start to finish. It wasn’t sunny and clouds covered some of the beloved great range mountains behind the ceremony site but it was stunning nonetheless….I’ll invite myself back sometime to see the full view! Despite a hot and dry summer it felt lush and green and just gorgeous – what a spot for a wedding!

A lineup of who made up the day….
Event Planner :: Mim from Juniper Events
Getting Ready :: The Mountain House Alpine Lodge
Catering :: Simply Gourmet
Florist :: East Branch Organics
Band :: Bill’s Toupee
Kate’s Dress via Vows
Bridesmaid’s Dresses :: Azazie
Hair :: Julie Potter Master Stylist

And now onto the photos!

Kate got ready at the Mountain House Alpine Lodge and it was just so mellow as her ladies arrived and everyone hung out – it makes such a difference when the day doesn’t feel rushed!

Always a special moment when Dad sees his daughter for the first time

Kate & Sam chose to do a first look which as you know I think is wonderful – a more intimate moment for them and all the “business” done up front so they can enjoy the party!

I LOVED the embroidery on Sam and her Dad’s tie – so so sweet!

A little cornhole while waiting for the ceremony to begin

The pooches helped greet people as they arrived but then went to stay with a neighbor to chill out!

Kate and her Brother embrace before everyone in the bridal party formed a circle led by Sam’s amazing cousin Katie who beautifully officiated the wedding

The ceremony was especially personal and heartfelt with readings from close loved ones and a beautiful song sung by Sam’s sister – there were definitely a few sniffles from me!

After the ceremony Sam and Kate smartly took a few moments to themselves to eat some hors d’oeuvres and reflect on the day

Grandparents are so special and I always try to document them fully – these are Sam’s two Grandmas and they were just so filled up being there and being with all the family

Let’s get the party started!

I looked out of the tent at one point and saw Kate & Sam having there own personal dance party halfway between the tent and the house. They got a little embarrassed when they noticed we were watching but it really spoke to who they are as a couple – always together, always laughing, and always having fun.

The crew from Deerfield!

This little lady (Kate’s niece) brought the house down!

Congratulations to both of you I so loved being a part of the day!!

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