January 26, 2015

Back in July when Sarah and Emily were visiting Sarah put the bug in my ear about turning my upstairs office nook into more of a finished space / space for me. I am a lover of fabric and quilting and it was all in bins under the bed in the guest room making it hard to remember what I had and hard to plan for projects. At that point my sewing space was downstairs on the dining room table and with Norah starting to crawl I knew I needed to move all that stuff to a safer spot so she didn’t get into it…..not to mention the inconvenience of constantly packing everything up when I was in the middle of a project so we could actually eat at the table!!

I have to say I was very resistant to the idea for some reason but she kept nudging me and eventually I came around – taking a trip to Ikea with Norah in August to buy the bookcase, and then getting a carpenter in to build a huge worktable in the fall. I finally feel fully settled into my space and it is WONDERFUL. This time of year is high crafting time for me with my work load considerably lighter than during the summer and it makes me so happy to walk into the space and see all the color!

I’m a little embarrassed by my enormous fabric stash but I tell Jeff it’s better/cheaper/healthier than drugs!! I don’t know what it is about fabric but I just love it and on these cold winter days the burst of color energizes me. It’s been great to get ideas for projects and be able to shop my stash and use some of it! Enjoy the photos and happy crafting!!

I forgot to take a proper before (bad photographer!!) but this is pretty close….from last winter when we were doing our taxes and Norah wouldn’t go to sleep….she finally fell asleep on the floor!
Behold the glory! The awesome rug is Dash & Albert – it’s probably meant for a child but I love it!!
The huge tabletop is split into thirds – my sewing machine, my computer, and my cutting mat all have their own (permanent!!) places. My printer, hard drives, and other computer cords are tucked away mostly out of site behind my enormous monitor.
The height of the desk was dictated by the height of the file cabinet which I knew I wanted to fit under. As a result it’s a bit higher than a normal desk but it’s convenient when I’m cutting so I don’t have to bend over as much.

FABRIC…..yes a lot of it!

This is officially my happy place – thank you Sarah for (almost!) always knowing what is best for me!


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