Lakehouse Christmas

January 28, 2013

After celebrating Christmas in Vermont we headed down to the lake to visit Jeff’s family and have 2nd Christmas! They had patiently waited to open their gifts until we got there so after an amazing dinner of standing rib roast (we ate VERY well over Christmas!!) we settled onto the couch and began the fun. A few years ago we started a tradition of each person only buying for one other person which I think is nice – you can really focus your efforts and don’t end up buying just for the sake of having something to give.

The dogs clearly thought these pistachios were for them but no – they are Jeff’s Grandma’s favorite!
Jeff was thrilled to get a chainsaw which he’s already put to good use sawing up part of a downed tree in our woods for firewood!
The gifts were wrapped in this cute doggie themed paper
Are you SURE those chocolates aren’t for us? They smell pretty tasty (don’t worry – the dogs got their own presents!!)
The yellow pin is a tradition in the Herzberger family – many years ago (before I was a Herzberger!) Jeff’s Dad gave it to his Father in Law as a joke present and each year somebody gets it. The first year I got it I had never heard of it before so was hysterical with laughter. This year I had David so I decided I should continue the tradition!!
Jeff’s Grandma had a message for us in her card (she is a ticket!) – yes Grandma we hear you!!!
Our awesome neighbor Nancy gifted the doggies these two bones – they were a BIG hit!!
My bone….no sharing
Sharon’s colleague gave her this puzzle which is an aerial view of their zip code in Whittier (similar to this I think). Neat idea but IMPOSSIBLE puzzle – I’m sorry to say we didn’t get very far but at least we were able to stash the board under the bed for next time!
The next day we opened our stockings- don’t they look festive hung up on the wall!
Waiting patiently at the door to come in
And a morning wake up from the little dog
Ah – vacation and holidays are the best – when’s the next one?

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