April 12, 2009

Last week I traveled to Atlanta, GA to attend Learnfest at the Cheateau Elan Winery. Learnfest is a portrait photography conference/workshop put on by four fabulous photographers – Audrey Woulard, Laura Novak, Lena Hyde, and Tamara Lackey. I didn’t know anyone going but people were very friendly and it was a fabulous week of learning and growing.

After leaving Learnfest my head was swimming with ideas but after being at the lake for the weekend I was able to organize them and chart a course for the next few weeks and months – exciting!

Tamara and Audrey both had a shooting portion to their talk. Here is Tamara during hers.

The sweet little boys who were our models

Eventually we let the boys loose in the fountain. It looks like someone let the photographers loose too 🙂

As he got wetter and wetter this little guy got happier and happier 🙂

Those lips!

This guy was our model for Audrey’s shoot on day 2- such a sweetie!

Audrey gave some great insight during her talk

What do you want?

My fabulous roomie Misty Green from Texas

It’s spring!

e. broderick photography

Glad you had a good week. And good for you for coming home and actually processing the information and making a plan for yourself. I think that is the hardest part. Cute shots of the models, too!

Awwww! Love the picture of us! Great shots! Couldn’t have asked for a better roomie!

Great pictures Amanda, so much fun! Hope to catch up with you sometime soon!

Fantastic photos Amanda! I miss all of you already!

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