June 16, 2008

Meet Lila – an adorable five month old! She has the most amazing big eyes and a great smile.

Mom and Lila were enjoying the central air on this 100 degree day!

Lila loves nothing more than lying on her back and playing with her feet – she can do it for hours!

A happy little one getting her diaper changed

She also has beautiful long eyelashes

Lila & Celia – it was great to meet you! Hope to see you in a few months!

E. Broderick Photography

Good, God this baby is so beautiful! Amazing pics, Amanda. I am sure the parents are sooo excited and happy to have these.

Orchard Cove Photography

Lila is my cousin’s name so I had a special place in my heart for THIS Lila….not to mention she’s stinking cute 🙂

Lila is one of my favorite names, and lookin at this little doll makes me want a baby! haha! She is so beautiful! Truly gorgeous pics– I bet they love them.

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