Liz & Dan’s Rehearsal Dinner in Groton, MA

June 22, 2009

Event Planner: Hopple Popple
Catering: Capers Catering

The setting for Liz & Dan’s rehearsal dinner was just stunning. Only a mile away from their reception location, the land in back of the Groton Trading Company provided the perfect setting. Even though rain was forecast all day thankfully the weathermen were wrong and the evening was just perfect!

Liz had mentioned some surprise performances were planned but she had no idea what they consisted of. When I arrived Dan’s sister and his Dad were practicing the piece….they were joined by a boy that Liz used to babysit and Dan’s good friend and groomsmen….a family affair! They sang “Glory Days” except the last verse was amended with the lyrics “wedding day” and it just got better from there….so much fun!

The tent was so beautifully decorated- we all thought it looked like a wedding! The greenery to disguise the tent poles was a really nice touch.

Liz arrives!

This cracked me up – small child sleeping through cocktail hour πŸ™‚

Dan obviously knows how to have a good time!

One of Liz’s bridesmaids elegantly applies bug spray πŸ™‚

See what I mean? Perfect beautiful location.

The little one woke up!

Dan’s Mom gave a sweet toast to begin the evening – the toasts all evening were so sweet and personal.

Liz’s childhood friends

There always has to be a little embarrassment!

But mostly Liz and Dan just enjoyed the evening….we were all cracking up!

The performance was VERY well received and people were on their feet.

I just loved watching their reactions as the song unfolded

Up next….wedding day!


wow, what a rehearsal dinner!!

That looked like so much fun!!!! Love the laughing πŸ™‚

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