May 9, 2007

I love color. A few months ago I got an idea for a shoot. I went to a candy store and bought the biggest rainbow lollipop they had (unfortunately not as big as I had dreamed it) and waited for the perfect moment. Last week I found it. This girl had a birthday a few weeks ago and is currently missing four teeth. She decided that a free lollipop was worth letting me take a few shots so we set to work….

I call this one dreaming of lollipops….

After a few more photos….

She finally took a lick. Boy was she happy.

After we had played inside for a bit she wanted to go outside and show her Brother her lolli (i.e. torture her Brother with her big colorful lollipop). Her dog Otto figured he’d join the party.

Throw the frisbee lady what are you waiting for??

When Otto runs with the big kids (or dogs) he needs to take a time out every few minutes or else he throws up. He also has the most wonderful run that I was too busy laughing at to capture. His legs arc out like he’s doing the butterfly and he hurtles himself forward quite efficiently.

Ok – I’m done


Oh my god how cute is that dog???

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