Ludwig Family Shoot

December 12, 2008

I spent a fun few hours with the Ludwig family recently. Their daughters are 3 years and 3 months old and they are CUTE!

Little V was still sleeping when we got there so Dad and N played some Dora the Explorer Candy Land. When playing you have to make sure not to land on Swiper….that means you miss a turn πŸ™

Next N played nurse (she insisted that she was NOT the doctor…she was a nurse). In this photo she is getting her cell phone out to call the doctor πŸ™‚

She loves snuggling the family pooch Boomer πŸ™‚

Little V is up and all smiles!

They are so sweet together and N is always checking on V to make sure she’s doing ok.

COME ON – how cute is she??!!

N is very into dressing up in multiple outfits each day. Here she is a ballerina!

I can hold my head up!

But sometimes it gets SOOO heavy. My sister N encourages me.

She LOVES to dance πŸ™‚

Little V has found her fingers!

Polly Pocket has come a long way since my day – now they have Disney Princess Polly Pockets!

I love how all little kids sit like this πŸ™‚

Very serious stuff this playing Polly Pocket πŸ™‚

Little V isn’t always smiling….but she is most of the time!

The One πŸ™‚


Gorgeous! I love the one of the little girl and her mom playing. Amazing!

ohana photographers-david and kimi

love love love the huggin doggie shot!

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