Luke the Magnificent

July 1, 2007

Meet Luke the angelic. Luke is one of Strider’s mostest companions. On Saturday we both attended a session on obedience in the morning and hunting in the afternoon. Neither Jeff nor I hunt but we were curious to see how Strider would react…..he was afraid of the birds. Luke on the other hand did very well – flushing the birds out and retrieving them when commanded.

There were a few other dogs there – both labradors and springer spaniels, and it was absolutely incredible to watch these animals that are bred for hunting. They do their job with such intensity and are just pleased as punch to be working in the field. It really shows you what a dog is capable of with the correct training. On whistle the dog would sit looking at the trainer and with hand signals the trainer would direct them left, right, or back depending on where the bird fell. It really was breathtaking to watch their instincts and nose take over.

This is Luke.

Luke would periodically jump up on his hind legs while continuing to move forward – hoping to keep on the scent.

This is tiring!!

Look MA – no hands!

Aren’t you proud of me, Mom?

Luke didn’t swallow the evidence right away….

Seeing their dog take to hunting naturally made Carolyn and Steve PROUD parents 🙂


what a beautiful dog!! that must have been so cool to watch! dogs are really amazing animals. ours, for instance, is a highly trained sleeping machine who eats apples on command! 😛


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