Middlebury Rehearsal Dinner :: Pete & Laura

June 27, 2012

Before their Middlebury Rehearsal Dinner at The Storm Cafe we all met up at Abernathy Farm for Pete & Laura’s rehearsal. Pete lived at Abernathy after college and Laura frequently visited there so they thought it only appropriate to begin their marriage there. Last fall we met there for their engagement photos so I knew how stunning it was… was fun to see it in a different season.

I always love watching parents throughout the weekend -so many emotions but mostly pride! Pete’s Dad kindly held Laura’s flowers for her 🙂

The stunning bride arrives!

Pete’s cousin officiated the wedding and to kick things off gathered everyone in a circle and had them introduce themselves, explain how they knew Pete & Laura, and tell a quick funny tidbit….great reactions ensued 🙂 It was helpful for me to understand how everyone related!

The farmhouse and tree provided a lovely backdrop

Things got a bit emotional at times 🙂

After finishing up the rehearsal we headed over to the Storm Cafe where this little one was quite entertained by wooden trains

Laura & Pete found time for a quick moment amidst the flurry of excitement

Really sweet and very funny toasts…..Pete’s Dad wrote a poem 🙂

The setting provided the perfect kick off to the weekend

After the toasts everyone enjoyed a delicious meal as the sun set….after the dinner wrapped up everyone headed across the bridge to American Flatbread for the larger welcome party

Stay tuned for the wedding photos!

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