Mr. Innocent……

November 12, 2008

Who rolled in something dead yesterday… wasn’t pretty. His
friend rolled in manure AND the dead thing so I got to give double
doggie baths!!!

And an update……a poem from my Auntie Laura (her dogs are Jubilee and Buckley and she is a Brown!) 🙂

Dear Mummy Amanda

Please be easy on me
I was just being a dog
My Brown cousins told me.
Jubilee and Buckley
Roll in s&*t at every chance
And their Mummy just sighs
Doesn’t even spank their pants.
Cuz it’s just part of learning
And then smelling super good
Afterwards she just loves them
Gives them biscuits and food.
So please don’t be angry
I love you and Jeff so, so much
Dead stuff is for rolling in
So I’m bathed with your loving touch!!!
Love, Strider
Smith Gallery Photography

yuck yuck yuck – but soooo cute!

So naughty, but so lovable!!

As soon as I can track down my wedding pix I’ll post a couple up for you. I know you’ll get a laugh from them!

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