My Awesome Friend Carla Ten Eyck

October 1, 2007

This Thursday the project Carla has been working on for a few years will launch in an opening at the Hartford Public Library. The project is called “See Real Women: Really See Women.” For the project she asked women to depict how they felt most beautiful and then was there to photograph them. Some women were around their kids, others doing what they love, and others dressed in a meaningful outfit. All the photos are different – very unique to the individual pictured.

It’s a question you don’t think about too often, but if you were to be photographed when you feel most beautiful – where would you be? How would you be dressed? What would you be doing?

The show opens this Thursday, October 4th at the Hartford Public Library – 550 Main Street. The opening runs from 5:30-7:30 so be there or be square πŸ™‚

If you can’t make it to the opening Carla has created a book of all the images and you can purchase it online HERE. This book would make a great gift to that special woman in your life – each photo is accompanied by a short essay that describes the situation and significance – great bedside reading for inspiring dreams.

Carla is one of the kindest people I know who loves supporting her friends and giving them a helping hand whenever they need it. Her photography is beautiful and her style is ever evolving and always right on. Carla is the very definition of a fire lighter – one of those people whose energy you feed off of. Even when I’ve had a tough day or I’m super tired when I see her I can’t help but smile because she is so passionate about her photography, her family, and her friends.

Come out if you can this Thursday and if not I highly recommend crossing a Christmas present off your list and purchasing her book.

You ROCK Carla!



I can’t wait for the opening, I’ll seeyou all there!

AWWWW! YOU AND MARY ARE FREAKIN’ KILLING me!!! Can’t a girl get just one day without crying?? You guys have been so great and so supportive and I am SO lucky to have you in my life! This project has meant so much to me and I am so glad you are all here to be there for it as a friend and as a photographer. Now, what is YOUR answer, Miss Harris?? Let’s shoot it! My project is far from over!

I have huge passion for women and how beautiful they are– and along with that comes an anger at the media for portraying women the way they do…
Carla is a huge inspiration! What a fun thing, to photograph so many beautiful women. I would totally go if I lived near you guys! Way to go, Carla!


That is so cool! What a great idea

Wow! What a COOL idea! I wish we lived in Hartford πŸ™‚ hehe

You guys have a great group out there!

Hope you are well πŸ™‚

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