Mystery Tour

August 3, 2007

When Jon and I were little my Dad would pile us in the car on a Saturday morning and we would embark on a “mystery tour” (said with glee and enthusiasm). We never knew quite where we were going – the journey was the fun part.

Now that we’re older Jon and I embark on our own mystery tours when we are on vacation. This day we decided to drive to central Vermont – one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Jon is the navigator (we take turns)

We stopped at the Warren general store to pick up something for lunch. Warren is a teeny town accessed by a covered bridge. The Pitcher Inn is right across the street and is supposed to be a fabulous hotel (though $$). We picked up some sandwiches and made our way down to Route 125.

We indulged in our feast at Breadloaf looking out over green meadows. After lunch Jon and Strider engaged in a game of chicken (Strider won).

On our way back to my Mom’s house we were lured by the Bristol river – how could you turn this down when it is 90 out?

Is it really smart to navigate a river with a super expensive camera, you ask? Probably not – but Jon luring Strider to leap off rocks was too cute to miss, and I’ll do anything for a photo πŸ˜‰

His highest leap yet – I think Jon is still surprised he actually did it πŸ™‚

The last jump of the day – Super hero Strider!!

AHHHH – summertime and the living is easy πŸ™‚


Hi Amanda,

It was great meeting you this weekend, the pictures on the blog look FANTASTIC!!

Next time you and your fiance are in NYC, lets all go out.


check out Underdog flying through the air!!

ahhh awesome!! I love the “mystery tours”. my dad used to do the same thing to us! you just need a mystery machine to cruise around in!!


What a great day! Strider is a rockstar! Loved the post!

I took a day off and we hiked to a perfect little swimming hole in Jericho with a small waterfall.

Don’t you just love summertime in Vermont?!


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