February 11, 2009

So now that I’m knitting and can’t stand watching commercials on TV Jeff and I have hopped back on the Netflix bandwagon. The year after college when I lived in Northern Virginia I was a total Netflix junkie. I’d go to yoga once a week with my friend Sarah and the rest of the time I watched movies and read….and of course visited Jeff on the weekends 🙂

So anyway when I signed up I was thinking about all the movies I have missed over these past few years but then when I tried to remember what all those movies were I totally came up empty. So friendly blog readers please recommend some movies/shows so that our queue is a little healthier!!


Loving the shoutout! Let’s be Netflix friends… I’m on it.

wow i almost feel like eileen could be my movie soul mate!!!!

I heart Jason Bourne!

dexter season 1
arrested development season 1
lost season 1

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Wow! Sarah’s list is great! I have seen and loved many on her list. Another few that come to mind:

In America
Life Is Beautiful
Garden State (starts off weird but gets really good)
all from the Bourne trilogy
Deja Vu

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Yes, I will be at the Knit Along. I can’t wait to knit with company and not just by myself 🙂

P.S. There will be Blood is great.

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Ok you guys all rock 🙂

Adam & Rob – One pro and one against…I might have to watch it to draw my own conclusions 🙂

Rob – I also love documentaries. Gates of Heaven is already on the list. The others will go on.

Sarah – I jut saw Wall-E last week….loved it….had meant to do a post on that! The wire is already in there – my in-laws are addicted and I can't wait to watch. LOVE Amelie! I own it! Also love the Talented Mr. Ripley – very weird but great. I would LOVE to get together to knit! Are you coming to the knit along?

Thanks to everyone!

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Oooooo…a movie post….I could comment on this for pages ☺

Here’s my list:

1) Wall-E- No, it’s not just for kids. It’s a fantastic story that will touch your heart.

2) The Visitor- Shame on the Academy Awards for missing out on this wonderful story of friendship and finding yourself.

3) The Wire- I guess I’m kind of cheating because this is a TV show but it’s incredibly gripping and the acting is unbelievable. My favorite show of all time.

4) Searching for Bobby Fischer- My favorite movie of all time. The story of a chess prodigy and life in general. Fantastic. Love every minute of it.

5) Schindler’s List- You’ve probably seen it but watch it again. I discover new things every time.

6) Rachel Getting Married- Anne Hathaway is captivating as is Rosemary Dewitt. A snapshot into the lives of a family on a wedding weekend.

7) Amelie- Perfectly sweet and quirky with a wonderful style.

8) You Can Count on Me- Mark Ruffalo and Laura Linney star in this story of family and the choices that make us who we are.

9) The Talented Mr. Ripley- Creepy, beautiful, haunting, and Matt Damon at his absolute best.

10) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind- A wonderful romantic tale.

11) School of Rock- Need a good laugh? Try Jack Black as an elementary school teacher.

12) Good Night and Good Luck- Great style. Great cast.

13) Awakenings- I dare you to get through this one without crying.

14) The Departed- Electric storytelling for 2.5 hours.

15) Freaks and Geeks- Another TV show. It knows exactly when to be funny and when to be serious. Rarely have the two been balanced so well.

OK, I’ve carried on enough ☺ Enjoy your movie time and I’d love to get together and knit sometime!

If you haven’t seen the movie Once, add it to your list! The music is amazing and the movie is very inspiring.

Allow me to make the case for documentaries as a genre. These are some of the most memorable and distinctive movies I’ve ever seen:

1) Sherman’s March, by Ross McElwee. Starts off as a low-budget documentary about Sherman’s march through the south, and immediately veers off course and becomes an investigation into why the filmmmaker can’t hold onto a girlfriend. Tremendously engaging. And anything else he’s ever made.

2) Grizzly Man, by Werner Herzog.

3) Gates of Heaven, by Errol Morris. Also by him The Thin Blue Line, the Fog of War, and anything else he has ever made.

4) Capturing the Friedmans

Whatever interest you may have about the subjects, they’re all incredibly engrossing stories told by directors who are passionate about them. I never cared much about bears, Robert McNamara, or pet cemeteries, but the above documentaries were completely captivating.

Happy Queuing!

P.S. Strongly disagreeing with the above poster, I enjoyed TWBB a great deal. As a photographer, you will love the cinematography.


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