New Year’s Revelry!

January 4, 2009

After leaving Pennsylvania Jeff and I spent a relaxing week at the lake. We had one night to ourselves and then the crowds descended πŸ™‚

Since we were away for Christmas we had….a New Year’s tree! Our friends had left right before Christmas so they gave us their small tree and it survived and thrived until New Year’s! Back in the fall I happened to go to Crate and Barrel right when they had just put out all of their Christmas merchandise so I had fun picking out our first ornaments! Instead of an angel or a star at the top we had….a sailboat! Very appropriate for a lake Christmas tree πŸ™‚

One of my favorites – I’m hoping to learn how to felt this year so I can make more of this type of ornament

Strider….the perfect pillow for Giles!

On New Year’s we had a progressive dinner – we had appetizers and the main course at our friend Hillary’s house and then came back to our house for dessert and revelry. Two little ones joined the party (they have grown up since last year!)

Come on – cuteness packaged in fleecy pajamas πŸ™‚

Her sister played some Skip-Bo!

Snuggling with Dad near midnight but still awake!

Strider is ready for bed πŸ™‚

At five of we were a rocking group πŸ˜‰

Oops! She didn’t make it πŸ™‚

Strider’s favorite spot – under the table and in the middle of it all!

Strider also loves Skip-Bo πŸ™‚

And his big ball πŸ™‚

When we woke up on New Year’s day the temperature in the house was 50 degrees – the wind was howling outside and the outside temp was in the low single digits. We decided that a plunge into the lake would have been downright dangerous so we delayed it until the next day.

The lake was too low so we used the nearby trout pond. Unfortunately there wasn’t a direct route in – instead the boys had to slip and slide down a snowy bank!

Strider was smart enough to stay on the shore!

Getting out was also a challenge!

And poor Strider fell through a snow drift and was trapped

Kindly Uncle Giles grabbed him and freed him!

The chilly crew happy to be done for another year

And my friend Tom with icicles for hair πŸ™‚

Orchard Cove Photography

I don’t know how to felt yet but am hoping to learn this year….especially to make ornaments! I would love the felted mittens pattern- thanks!

What a very cute felted snowman! Felting is a lot of fun. Have you ever tried felted mittens before? I could forward you an easy pattern if you would like!

So fun, but SO crazy! It was FREEZING in VT this past week! I give those guys lots of credit!

E. Broderick Photography

Oh, the insanity!!! So fun. What, Amanda–did you forget your suit?!

WOW…now that is crazy…but fun…hope Strider was to scared…what a way to start off a New Year…

I’m jealous, I love those sorts of plunges. It’s hard to find good company for them, don’t know why.
Looks like a fun holidays.

Robin Dini Photography

Those boys are nuts!!!!
Poor Strider. I hope he wasn’t scared πŸ™

And I love the christmas tree. What a great first christmas for you guys.

What a cute idea to put the sailboat on top of the tree! Looks like you had an awesome New Years – they are some brave guys to jump in that icy lake!

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