Newborn Operation Love Re-United Photos

April 12, 2012

I met up with this sweet family at their home last week as part of my work with Operation Love Re-United. Little Alyse had arrived a little early but thankfully Dad was already home on R&R so he was there for the birth! When I met them she was ten days old and they totally had the hang of the whole baby thing πŸ™‚ It was really important to Ashley that she have some photos of her Husband and their little girl before he went back so that is what we focused on.

Daddy diaper duty πŸ™‚

These ones just make my heart melt – especially with the “family” word art in the background – family is indeed what it’s all about

Sorry to keep you awake Alyse!

Heavenly smelling baby snuggling with her main man πŸ™‚

Tiny little baby feet!

They were so engaged and focused on her and just gave her so much love

A little break for a snuggle with Mom

Ashley looks fabulous and is such a comfortable and natural Mom

Love this one


A few more snuggles for Dad


To finish things up we headed downstairs to include their firstborn πŸ™‚

Still sleeping (hopefully that continued when I left… had been a busy day for her!)

Congratulations to both of you – be well and stay safe


Christian and Ashley,

You both look great….so glad that daddy was able to be around.Totally love the pictures.Your baby she be so sweet and cute…and I had forgotten about the dog.Missing missing missing you three!

You did such an amazing job Amanda! We are so grateful for your generosity with the Op Love program, and we will forever treasure these pictures of Christian and Alyse together while she is a newborn!

These are such beautiful and sweet pictures !!!! Well done !! I’m so happy Ashley and Christian have these. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift of photography with them and for them.

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