Norah November & December 2016

March 30, 2017

Lots of fun memories here!
Supervising Jonathan & Ethan making glass on an unseasonably warm November 1st (Norah was barefoot!)

Natural consequences of making a mess

Ready for her first sleepover at Beama’s house and looking like a teenager!


Jeff got a drone!

Still loves her babydolls

Third birthday – picked her up early from school and took her bowling and then to dinner at Archie’s!

Making her birthday cake with Beama

More warm weather calls for skooting in bare feet!


A small celebration with friends and family

Burping her baby and carrying ALL the things!

Thanksgiving at the lake with Grandma and Grandpa

Bedtime delaying tactic? Her doll Molly had to go to the bathroom!

She barely fits in there anymore!

Picking out our Christmas tree

The Polar Express!

Scenes from the bathtub

Sledding at High Acres with cousins

Belly getting bigger!

Christmas at home with Bapa, Grannie, and Jon!

Naughty doggies!!!

Happy (Christmas!) birthday Bapa!

To the lake for a few days with her bestie Emily

Boys and their toys….more drone fun.

The shower was the biggest hit they could have played in there for HOURS.

A New Year’s Eve walk!

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