Now we might actually have guests :)

December 29, 2007

So our Save the Dates were mailed today – WAHOO!! Jeff and I looked at each other and said: “now people may actually come to our wedding!”

We had addressed them all before we left for California but we were waiting for our nifty return address labels to arrive so we didn’t have to handwrite each one.

As much as I wanted to sleep in this morning and get over the jet lag I REALLY wanted to mail them before New Year’s so I knew they were done.

We ended up sending out two versions – one for people who know us (or more importantly know Strider) and the other for people who haven’t seen us for awhile and might be confused by a big dog’s head on the card πŸ™‚

Yes they are a bit hokey but after all so our we πŸ˜‰

I’ll post the two different versions next week once most people have received theirs but I guess the address label gives it away a little πŸ™‚

Check out my ORIGINAL POST on this subject to see how the stick was created


Those little guys are SOOOO CUTE!!!
I hope you and Jeff have a happy new year’s celebration!

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adorable! i can’t wait to see what little secrets you have inside those envelopes. Your first big wedding mailing! how fun!

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