Off On Another Adventure…

August 16, 2007

Earlier today Strider was giving me the “Mom you don’t love me because you haven’t walked me yet today” look, but what he didn’t know is that his friend Brody arrives today and will be with us until Wednesday.

The first time we left Strider last summer when he was still a puppy we left him with Brody and they had a ball – Brody is three so was so exhausted from all the puppy play. There is a picture on the fridge at Brody’s house from that visit. Brody had put himself to bed in his crate to get away from Strider and Strider just climbed right in next to him and they took a nap together – it is ADORABLE πŸ™‚

Anywho we are driving down to NYC now for a wedding of another college roommate of ours that is happening on Saturday night at Chelsea Piers – wedding #3 of 4 this year πŸ™‚ not to mention the ones I’m shooting/assisting at….keeping my weekends busy!

I’ll try and find an Internet cafe because I had a great session with a cute spaniel/dachshund mix last night. His name was Gizmo and he wasn’t sure what to think of my big black camera.

Later πŸ™‚


What a cute dog! I love the angle!

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