Operation Love ReUnited Shoot

July 27, 2008

Last week I had my first photo shoot for Operation Love ReUnited – a charity that provides complimentary photo sessions to deploying military families. I can’t remember exactly where I came across this charity but I happily joined up and was thrilled when Stephanie emailed me a few weeks later. I was especially thrilled because they live in California and were only in town for a few days.

Sadly earlier this month I received a call from a woman whose Husband was deploying on our wedding day – I felt terrible that I wouldn’t be able to be there to document the occassion and felt sad that there weren’t more photographers I could refer her to. Currently I am only one of two Connecticut photographers that participate so to all you photographers out there I encourage you to join up!

On to the lovebirds. This couple was terrific right from the get go – they have great chemistry and just seem to have a lot of fun being around each other. Stephanie positively lights up around Patrick and he does the same.

Operation Love ReuUnited asks that part of the session carry out a patriotic theme so Patrick happily donned his cammies for the beginning of our shoot

We met at the Old State House in Hartford but ended up shooting first in the Legislature building (I think that is what it’s called) right next door. I had heard that some buildings require a permit to shoot so we kept worrying that someone would kick us out. Maybe it was Patrick’s uniform but everyone was so nice and nobody said a word 🙂

Stephanie and Patrick took the elevator down while I stayed up above to capture the scope.

In the State House there is a room with a row of beautiful preserved old flags.

I love my tippy toes!

I don’t think Stephanie could look any happier!

We asked Patrick to be serious and this is what we got 🙂

Patrick is deploying to Iraq later this week and I wish him a safe journey and safe home.

Jessica Del Vecchio

Thanks for sharing about this organization – I sent in my application! You did a great job capturing the love between these two!

The retreat looks fun and what a great session for those 2. Beautiful photos and a wonderful cause to donate to!

E. Broderick Photography

AWESOME!!! Never heard of this organization but definitely a great one to support. I’m sure these pictures mean the world to them both.

I am so glad you posted this! My brother served in Iraq, so I know the importance of providing services for our military men and women.

See you at the retreat tomorrow!

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