Orvis Cover Dog Contest – Vote for Me!

November 18, 2009

This is a photo I’d been meaning to take for awhile but when I heard that the Orvis Cover Dog Contest was starting up again I figured that before the summer was over we needed to make it happen!

This is Strider’s friend Luke who is the bestest ever doggie jumper! This photo involved me being in water up to my waist, Jeff holding Luke and then throwing the stick, and many people cheering Luke on 🙂

Each year Orvis holds a contest for the chance to be on one of their catalog covers.

I’ve entered the photo in the contest and would love for you to go vote for it! Every vote equals another dollar that will be donated to The Canine Cancer Campaign, and matched by Orvis and Eukanuba (up to $30,000), to make each vote worth $2 for the campaign.

The actual cover dog winner is not influenced by this vote but it would still be nice to raise some money for a great cause and give Luke some more votes.

If you click on “Search Dogs” and enter “Luke” he’s the 4th dog pictured….let’s at least have him be the head of the Lukes 🙂

CLICK HERE TO SEARCH – to vote you do have to donate…..but it’s for a great cause!!

The current leader has 2520 votes….very impressive. Let’s try and catch up a bit!!

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